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Workforce Edge

A workforce optimisation platform that transforms your organisation’s workforce into a strategic asset.

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Rivor Advisory Workforce Future diagram

Six datasets, real-time visibility

With Workforce Edge, you’ll have real-time visibility into these critical factors, enabling you to optimise your workforce like never before.

  • This dataset typically includes information relevant to the future of work, workforce trends, environmental scanning, operating models, industry trends, and other key factors that inform the decision-making process for strategic planning and execution.

  • This dataset typically includes records of employee certifications, training completion, policy acknowledgments, remuneration structures, and other relevant compliance-related data points used to monitor and ensure that the workforce operates within legal and regulatory frameworks.

  • This dataset typically includes information such as employee skills, competencies, roles, responsibilities, performance metrics, and other relevant workforce-related data points used to inform alignment with the organisational objectives and goals.

  • This dataset typically includes information such as employee demographics, skills inventory, turnover rates, recruitment trends, and other pertinent workforce-related data points used to inform decision-making in areas such as recruitment, training, succession planning, and talent retention.

  • This dataset typically includes information such as historical and projected business volumes, production targets, anticipated changes in business operations, and other relevant factors that impact workforce requirements and resource allocation.

  • This dataset typically includes information such as employee demographics, skills, performance evaluations, compensation data, and other relevant workforce-related metrics used to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement within the workforce.


Imagine what you could do with a comprehensive understanding of workloads, the nature of work, changing complexities, and emerging pressures within your organisation. 

  • The platform helps in identifying priority areas where additional resources or skills are required, aligning the workforce with organisational goals, and ensuring efficient deployment of employees.

  • The platform helps in allocating resources in the most efficient and effective manner, maximising productivity, adaptability, and resilience.

  • The platform aids in proactively addressing emerging stressors on workforce capacity and health. It helps in understanding the challenges faced by employees, thereby providing the necessary support to enhance employee well-being and satisfaction.

  • The platform enables the identification of areas where workforce mobility or shifts can drive innovation and efficiency. It helps in uncovering untapped potential within your organisation by leveraging transferable skills and expertise.

  • The platform serves as a tool for evidence-based decision-making, revolutionising the way you view and leverage your workforce. It encourages strategic investments in the workforce and the adoption of modern approaches to workforce planning.

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Project Snapshots

Workforce Planning


Implemented a comprehensive workforce planning platform for a healthcare organisation, integrating data analytics and AI-driven forecasting. Streamlined staff allocation, reduced overtime costs, and optimised scheduling. Enhanced patient care by ensuring adequate staffing levels. Realized 15% operational cost reduction and 20% increase in staff productivity.

Workforce Planning

Professional Services

Executed a tailored workforce planning platform for a professional service firm, leveraging advanced resource allocation algorithms and cloud-based collaboration tools. Enhanced project management efficiency, enabling seamless resource matching and skill-based deployment. Achieved 25% reduction in project delivery time and 30% increase in client satisfaction.

Workforce Planning

Local Government

Implemented a robust workforce planning platform for a local government body, integrating data-driven insights and automated scheduling tools. Streamlined resource allocation across departments, leading to improved service delivery and efficient response to community needs. Realised a 20% reduction in administrative overheads and 15% increase in community satisfaction.

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