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How we make it work

Our productivity, workforce, digital, and service architecture solutions help you identify strengths, address weaknesses, solve problems, and deliver outcomes.

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Only people create value

Ours is a distinctive and highly practical advisory approach that is driven by our mission to ‘make it work.’ It starts with recognising that only people can create value and identifying and optimising the pivotal roles that play a decisive role in the success or failure of any project, process, or undertaking. These roles wield substantial influence over outcomes, and our in-depth understanding and analysis of them empower us to craft our innovative and tailored architecture solutions. These solutions, in turn, enhance individual efficiency, promote collaborative excellence, and foster a culture of continuous development. In every organisation there are pivotal roles that determine the success or failure of any undertaking. At Rivor, our starting point is to identify and optimise those pivotal roles so we understand who they are, what they do, and how they can best work together to help create value.

  • Leaders are individuals entrusted with authority who guide, direct, and inspire people toward shared goals and objectives. We assist leaders by providing them with tailored guidance, resources, and strategies to enhance their decision-making abilities, foster effective communication, and inspire cohesive teamwork within their organisations.

  • Enablers are the essential components, methods, or people that provide support and aid in the successful attainment of specific objectives or goals. We assist enablers by providing them with streamlined tools, efficient processes, and comprehensive guidance to enhance their effectiveness in facilitating the achievement of those goals and objectives.

  • Experts are individuals with an extensive understanding, refined skills, and considerable experience in a field pertinent to the organisation's objectives and functions. We aid experts by providing them with specialised resources, advanced tools, and collaborative platforms that further augment their knowledge, refine their skills, and facilitate their ability to contribute significantly to their respective fields and the overall organisational objectives.

  • Influencers are individuals who wield considerable influence over the attitudes, behaviours, and choices of their colleagues or peers. We support influencers by providing them with tailored resources, effective strategies, and insightful guidance to amplify their impact, expand their reach, and enhance their ability to inspire and drive positive change among their communities.

  • Gatekeepers are individuals and authorities responsible for establishing and maintaining rules, managing access to information and resources, and regulating the flow of decisions within an organisation or system. We assist gatekeepers by providing them with streamlined tools, efficient processes, and comprehensive support to optimise their compliance and decision-making procedures, ensuring a smoother flow of information and resources.

  • Specialists are individuals with unique insights and abilities for handling complex tasks, troubleshooting challenges, and providing innovative solutions within a specialised area. We support specialists by offering them targeted resources, advanced tools, and a collaborative environment that fosters their continued professional development, encourages innovation, and enables them to make impactful contributions.

We refine the processes, tools, and methodologies that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.


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We provide customised workforce solutions that enable individuals to work more efficiently and effectively.


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We help you leverage technology with state-of-the-art, personalised digital solutions that are fit for purpose.


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We help you optimise your business support functions and seamlessly align them with service expectations.


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Company Profile

Project Snapshots

Employee Support


We created and managed a cutting-edge People Support Hub, efficiently handling diverse HR & Payroll queries from employees. This Hub, powered by Zendesk, provided seamless and streamlined support, enhancing employee experience, and enabling swift resolution of queries, ultimately optimising HR & Payroll processes within the organisation.

Ticketing System


Established business requirements for effective engagement, encompassing diverse customer request channels and monitoring mechanisms. Constructed a tailored solution based on these

requirements, providing comprehensive 
operational support to the client throughout the process.

Corporate Services Review


Played a key role in developing revised

accounting policies and procedures vital for the seamless integration of three entities into a unified organisation. Policies align with industry best practices and adhere to the highest accounting

standards, ensuring streamlined operations and compliance with regulatory requirements within the merged organisation.

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