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Our expertise contributes to the overall success, sustainability, and positive impact of not-for-profit organisations

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Rivor offers a range of expert advisory services to help not-for-profits fulfill their missions and serve their communities.

  • Developing strategic plans that align with the mission and long-term goals, including identifying priorities, establishing measurable objectives, and creating a roadmap for organisational growth and impact.

  • Helping manage budgets, optimise financial resources, and ensure transparency and accountability in financial reporting. This includes advice on resource allocation, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with financial regulations.

  • Establishing robust governance structures and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This includes advising on board governance, legal compliance, and ethical standards to maintain the organisation's credibility and trustworthiness.

  • Assessing the effectiveness of programs and initiatives, developing metrics, conducting evaluations, and measuring the impact of the organisation's activities on its target beneficiaries and the broader community.

  • Leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency, communication, and outreach. This may involve implementing digital solutions, optimising online presence, and utilising technology for fundraising and program delivery.

  • Facilitating collaboration and partnerships between not-for-profits and other organisations, businesses, or government agencies. This strategic networking can enhance the collective impact of the sector and promote shared goals.

  • Building organisational capacity by assessing staff and volunteers' willingness and capacity to enhance the organisation's ability to achieve its mission.

The not-for-profit sector plays a vital role in addressing social needs, promoting community welfare, and contributing to positive societal change. These organisations operate with a mission-driven focus, relying on various funding sources to fulfill their goals and make a meaningful impact on the world.


Rivor contributes to the overall success, sustainability, and positive impact of not-for-profit organisations, by providing specialised advisory services that allow them to better fulfill their missions and serve their communities.

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Capability Statement

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Independent Reporting

Rivor Advisory Workforce Future brochure

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Workforce Future

Project Snapshots

Market Review

Emergency Service

Undertook an extensive review of the Emergency Services market, evaluating the organisation's position in the industry and identifying potential opportunities for future growth and development. Conducted a thorough market analysis, providing valuable insights to guide strategic decisions and foster sustained progress within the Emergency Services sector.

Service Model Review

Community Services

Conducted a comprehensive service model review to streamline service delivery and minimise operational costs while enhancing customer outcomes. Developed a new operating model, redefining the organisation's perspective and the role of funding programs in business execution. Implemented strategic changes to foster improved efficiency and sustainable cost reduction initiatives.

Workforce Planning


Provided consultancy expertise in Industrial Relations and Workforce Strategy, contributing to the successful implementation of operational workforce plans at 6-12-month intervals. Offered guidance on structural design, workforce analytics, and effective strategies for talent attraction and retention, ensuring sustainable and efficient workforce management.

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