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Workforce Architecture

Your 'Workforce Architecture' is the combination of workforce activities and systems that empower your people's productivity and ability to create value.

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Balancing compliance & choice

In most situations, workforce architecture has become compliance-focused and frustrating to navigate. Rather than enhancing productivity or enabling the creation of greater value, the combined effect is to do the opposite. Rather than creating a stronger organisation that is responsive to change, Workforce Architecture often exposes the organisation to far greater risk by reinforcing a tendency to be silo-oriented and both unable and unwilling to change course. The key to empowering people to create value is to balance workforce architecture between compliance and choice appropriately. ​

Rivor helps organisations achieve a balance between compliance and choice by reorganising workforce activities to ‘build’, ‘deploy’ and ‘reward’ people for the creation of value. 

  • Organises workforce activities into what is needed to help people develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to meet strategic objectives.

  • Organises workforce activities into what is needed to distribute organisational resources to effectively and efficiently meet operational needs.

  • Organises workforce activities into what is needed to effectively incentivise and reward performance to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved.

Rivor Advisory Workforce Architecture Capability Statement

Download our Workforce Architecture

Capability Statement.

Our Credentials

Project Snapshots


Financial Services

Led the design, implementation, and global deployment of a transformative HR initiative utilising a Tier #1 HR technology platform. Over an 18-month comprehensive project, this initiative significantly improved HR functions and overall business performance, streamlining operations and driving efficiency across the organisation. 

Complaints Management

Emergency Services

Devised a robust solution to enhance the management of employee complaints, ensuring integrity and favourable outcomes. This comprehensive approach introduced new processes and procedures, bolstered by a new system, streamlining complaint handling and promoting employee satisfaction, effectively resolving concerns within the organisation. 

Payroll Integrity


Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Payroll environment, identifying factors leading to an adverse Internal Audit review. Successfully implemented recommended actions to enhance the function's performance and quality, ensuring compliance and resolving underlying issues for an optimised and efficient payroll system. 

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