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Disability & Mental Health

Our expertise contributes to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and mental health conditions by guiding organisations in delivering high-quality, ethical, and accessible services

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Rivor offers a range of expert advisory services to help navigate the complexities of addressing disability and mental health needs.

  • Streamlining processes and workflows to improve efficiency, conducting operational assessments to identify areas for optimisation, and implementing technology solutions to enhance operational efficiency.

  • Advising on financial management and budgeting, conducting financial assessments and recommending cost-saving measures, supporting the development of sustainable financial models.

  • Supporting research on disability and mental health issues, analysing data to identify trends and inform evidence-based practices.

  • Assisting organisations in understanding and adhering to disability and mental health-related policies and regulations.

  • Helping organisations design and implement effective programs for individuals with disabilities and mental health conditions, conducting evaluations to assess the impact and effectiveness of existing programs.

  • Conducting accessibility assessments and recommending improvements to physical spaces and digital platforms.

  • Providing guidance on the development and implementation of mental health support services, advising on the integration of mental health services within existing healthcare frameworks.

  • Recommending and implementing assistive technologies and adaptive solutions to enhance the independence and well-being of individuals with disabilities.

The disability and mental health sector encompasses services, programs, and support systems designed to assist individuals with disabilities and mental health conditions. This sector aims to improve the well-being, quality of life, and inclusion of people facing physical, cognitive, sensory, or mental health challenges. It involves a wide range of services, including medical treatment, therapy, counseling, social support, vocational training, and advocacy.

Rivor's expertise in the disability and mental health sector involves providing specialised advisory services to organisations, government agencies, not-for-profits, healthcare providers, and stakeholders working within this field. We play a crucial role in helping entities navigate the complexities of addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities and mental health conditions. 

Rivor Advisory Disability & Mental Health Capability Statement

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Disability & Mental Health
Capability Statement

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Implementation Management

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Independent Reporting

Project Snapshots

Operational Review

Disability & Mental Health

Performed an organisational review, employing advanced modelling techniques to identify potential savings and operational enhancements. Leveraged industry-leading best practices, both domestically and globally, to inform the review, ensuring comprehensive insights and strategic recommendations for optimised operational efficiency and sustainable cost reduction.

Payroll System

Disability & Mental Health

Offered comprehensive project management support during the implementation of a payroll system, assuming the client's project manager role to oversee and coordinate the vendor's project management activities. Efficiently managed the entire process, ensuring seamless collaboration and successful execution within the designated timeline and budget.


Disability & Mental Health

We performed a thorough review of the Rostering & Scheduling function to enhance its efficiency in meeting business requirements. By identifying opportunities for improvement, this assessment paves the way for a more effective and streamlined scheduling process, ensuring optimal resource allocation and operational success. 

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