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Rivor Ability Tools

Tap into the inherent strengths, talents, and resources that lie within you and unlock your potential.

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Rivor Advisory Adapt/Ability Quadrant

A diagnostic tool that analyses the factors that contribute to potential risks and create vulnerabilities within your organisational teams.

Adapt/Ability Index

Rivor Advisory Admissions Advantage Roadmap Diagram

Attract the best performing students
while maintaining fairness and standardisation
of credit and prior learning recognition.

Advantage Roadmap

Rivor Advisory Academic Quality Model Diagram

A framework designed to help universities and tertiary institutions understand and improve the quality of their academic programs and student outcomes.

Academic Quality Model

Rivor Advisory Implementation Management Diagram

Streamlined technology implementation management solutions that ensure a successful go-live.

Implementation Management

Rivor Advisory Workforce Future Diagram

Transform your organisational workforce into a strategic asset with our cutting-edge, platform-based approach to workforce planning.

Workforce Edge

Rivor Advisory Work to Pay Diagram

A comprehensive approach that integrates workforce management and payroll processes, clearly connecting the tasks employees perform with the compensation they receive.

Work to Pay

A tried and tested framework for building and operating service-centric support functions.

Service Hub

Rivor Advisory Independent Reporting Diagram

Trustworthy analysis by independent experts that paves the way to better decisions.

Independent Reporting

Utilise our Ability Tools

Identify strengths, address weaknesses, and help your people support the creation of value. Developed through years of practical experience, they pinpoint where you excel and highlight where you need to improve. 

Our Ability Tools are like smart guides that help you understand what you’re doing well and what needs to get better. They direct attention to your strengths, helping them get better and pushing you closer to achieving your goals. At the same time, they also point out where you might be heading in the wrong direction, provide guidance on how to fix things and giving you the insight you need to quickly get back on track. These tools are designed to dig deep into how value is created, making sure you’re ready and able to handle whatever comes your way.

Ability Tools

  • A framework designed to help universities and tertiary institutions understand and improve the quality of their academic programs and student outcomes.

  • A diagnostic tool that assesses your organisation’s ability to adapt to change

  • Attract the best performing students while maintaining fairness and standardisation of credit and prior learning recognition

  • Streamlined technology implementation management solutions that ensure a successful go-live.

  • A workforce planning platform that transforms your organisation’s workforce into a strategic asset.

  • A comprehensive approach that integrates workforce management and payroll processes, clearly connecting the tasks employees perform with the compensation they receive.

Download our detailed brochure
on  Workforce Future.

Unleashing the
true potential
of your workforce

Project Snapshots

Workforce Planning

International Sector

Created comprehensive operational workforce plans spanning the Health, Wellbeing & Biotech sector, Construction, Transport, Municipal Services, and Energy domains. Ensured the alignment of these plans with the sequencing of work programs, robust financial management, and the establishment of streamlined workforce structures to optimise operational efficiency.

Corporate & Support Costing


Contributed to the development of a cost-effective and efficient reporting methodology, initially piloted at two sites within the organisation. Provided comprehensive support in implementing

the methodology across all sites, ensuring widespread adoption and consistent application for improved organisational

performance and streamlined reporting practices across the board.

New Market Entry Assessment


Guided the organisation in evaluating the feasibility of market entry, determining the range of products/services required
to ensure optimal returns. Conducted a comprehensive analysis to assess market potential, enabling informed decision- making and strategic planning to capitalise on lucrative market opportunities while ensuring sustainable profitability.

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