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Work to Pay

The payment of employees is often seen as an isolated activity - one that is a low-cost compliance function, unrelated to the overall operation of the organization, and not properly serviced by a continuous improvement mindset or methodology.

Regretfully, organizations that view the payment of their employees this way limit their ability to leverage the valuable data and insight that sits within the function.

A sound ‘Work to Pay’ solution removes this limitation by incorporating best practice processes and benchmarks. These serve to re-organize your workforce activities to Build, Deploy and Reward your people for the improved management of employee data, astute application of organizational insights and timely achievement of operational outcomes.

Instead of being an isolated compliance function, the payment of employees becomes an integral part of your Workforce Architecture, supporting your people in the creation of value.

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'Work to Pay' reorganizes key activities




Build Analytics
Learning Management
On/Off Boarding
Organization Design
Performance Reviews
Workforce Planning


Absence Management
Compliance Management
Deploy Analytics
EH&S Management
Time Keeping
Time Management
Workforce Scheduling


Benefits Administration
Payroll Processing
Reward Analytics
Statutory Compliance


'Work to Pay' supports your people in the creation of value

It builds responsive workforce pools
A ‘Work to Pay’ solution re-organizes your workforce activities to allow you to pro-actively shape & size the workforce in the context of both strategic objectives and operational goals.

It helps you create workforce pools within each business unit that can then be aligned to anticipated demand.

RIVOR will work with you to design a workforce plan that defines the size, capability and seasonal mix of your workforce pools, so your people can be more productive and create greater value.

It deploys with efficiency & transparency
A ‘Work to Pay’ solution re-organizes your workforce activities to allow you to effectively achieve operational outcomes by applying a consistent method and system within your financial parameters.

It helps you increase efficiency by aligning your workforce pools with demand and budget expectations.

RIVOR will work with you to enable transparency and a complete view of your organizational workforce so you can readily identify any gaps.

It rewards accurately & appropriately
A ‘Work to Pay’ solution assists you to re-organize your workforce activities to allow you to pay your employees on time, correctly and appropriately for their work.

It helps you to implement a common scheduling system to ensure accuracy and minimization of errors.

RIVOR will work with you to provide your management team with greater confidence in their workforce analytics and subsequent decision-making.

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