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Implementation Management

Streamlined technology implementation management solutions that ensure a successful go-live.

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Client-side support through to go-live

RIVOR can provide full project management of your technology implementation, including project planning, guiding project phases, resource management, solution design, testing, reporting, documentation, and building a skilled servicing team for ongoing support. 

  • implementation methodologies, detailed project plans, and templates to organise tasks, document discussions, and ensure alignment with project objectives.

  • Configuration blueprints, requirements documents, security templates and security matrices to ensure the systematic development of the technology solution with precise configurations and robust security measures.

  • Establishment of comprehensive test strategies, test scripts, user acceptance testing (UAT) workbooks, test introduction decks to orient stakeholders, issue management to track and resolve issues, and documentation of testing outcomes and progress.

  • Comprehensive training strategies encompassing lesson plans and user guides, work instructions and training videos, and integration of third-party resources.

  • Gap analysis to identify discrepancies, go-live checklists and assessment, ensuring a smooth transition and successful launch of the technology solution.

  • Streamlined problem resolution, employee query management, FAQs and links to essential resources, ensuring continuous and efficient support for users of the technology solution.

An implementation partner you can trust

With our Implementation Management service solution, you can embark on your implementation journey with confidence, knowing that you have a trusted partner by your side every step of the way. Experience the difference of working with a team that is dedicated to your success and invested in helping you achieve your goals.

  • Gain access to seasoned experts who will guide you through the intricacies of implementation. We collaborate closely with your team to develop tailored strategies aligned with your goals and industry best practices. Our experts bring a wealth of experience and insights, helping you navigate challenges, anticipate risks, and make informed decisions at every stage of the implementation process.

  • Our service is designed to maximise efficiency and scalability, allowing you to streamline operations and adapt to changing needs seamlessly. With robust project management methodologies and advanced tools, we optimise resource allocation, minimise downtime, and ensure swift execution of tasks. Whether you’re implementing a small-scale solution or a complex enterprise-wide system, our service scales to meet your requirements.

  • We believe that successful implementation is not just about deployment - it’s about long-term success and continuous improvement. That’s why our service includes ongoing support and optimisation to ensure that your solution evolves with your business needs. From monitoring performance metrics to identifying areas for enhancement, we’re committed to helping you maximise the value of your investment.

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Ensure a 

Project Snapshots

Workforce Planning


Implemented a comprehensive workforce planning platform for a healthcare organisation, integrating data analytics and AI-driven forecasting. Streamlined staff allocation, reduced overtime costs, and optimised scheduling. Enhanced patient care by ensuring adequate staffing levels. Realized 15% operational cost reduction and 20% increase in staff productivity.

Workforce Planning

Professional Services

Executed a tailored workforce planning platform for a professional service firm, leveraging advanced resource allocation algorithms and cloud-based collaboration tools. Enhanced project management efficiency, enabling seamless resource matching and skill-based deployment. Achieved 25% reduction in project delivery time and 30% increase in client satisfaction.

Workforce Planning

Local Government

Implemented a robust workforce planning platform for a local government body, integrating data-driven insights and automated scheduling tools. Streamlined resource allocation across departments, leading to improved service delivery and efficient response to community needs. Realised a 20% reduction in administrative overheads and 15% increase in community satisfaction.

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