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Service Alignment

A tried and tested framework for building and operating business support functions.

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A proven and reliable support services solution

Service Alignment offers a proven and reliable blueprint for constructing and managing business support functions within organisations. This framework serves as a solid foundation, drawing upon established methodologies and accumulated wisdom to enhance service delivery efficiency and effectiveness. At the heart of Service Alignment is a carefully constructed service model that encapsulates best practices garnered from diverse industries and contexts. This model serves as a guiding light, providing a structured approach to service delivery that is both resilient and adaptable.

  • Determines the frameworks, policies, and guiding principles required to support strategic objectives.​

  • Determines the roles, responsibilities, hierarchies, and service model  required to ensure effective service delivery.​

  • Identifies and aligns the service activities required to meet customer needs.​

  • Ensures workforce skills, knowledge, and competencies are aligned to and support service delivery.​

  •  Ensures tools and systems adequately support service delivery.

  • Eliminates inefficiencies and redundancies in workflows and processes.

  • Ensures service delivery practices comply with relevant regulations and standards.

  • Ensures service delivery expectations are agreed upon, understood, managed, and met.

Enhanced service performance

By adopting the Service Alignment framework, organisations can significantly enhance the performance of their support services, fostering a work environment where individuals feel supported, empowered, and equipped to excel in their roles. Through the incorporation of leading-edge methodologies and continuous refinement, the framework remains dynamic, evolving in tandem with emerging trends and innovations in service management.

  • Service Alignment establishes a comprehensive framework that includes a service catalogue, deliverables, scope, service levels, and responsibilities to define service activities and how they will be delivered. It ensures that the team’s composition, roles, and responsibilities are closely aligned with the objectives and functions of the service model.

  • Service Alignment identifies the specific competencies, knowledge, and expertise needed to successfully carry out each task or aspect of the service to ensure that the individuals involved possess the necessary skills to deliver quality outcomes. It also establishes a structured set of controls, policies, and procedures to ensure that your organisation adheres to external quality, security, and audit certification requirements.

  • Service Alignment establishes systematic approaches to understanding, meeting, and exceeding service expectations while leveraging the right mix of tools and technology to anticipate and fulfill those expectations more effectively, drive employee satisfaction and loyalty, and differentiate from other employers.

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A structured
approach to service

Project Snapshots

Workforce Planning


Implemented a comprehensive workforce planning platform for a healthcare organisation, integrating data analytics and AI-driven forecasting. Streamlined staff allocation, reduced overtime costs, and optimised scheduling. Enhanced patient care by ensuring adequate staffing levels. Realized 15% operational cost reduction and 20% increase in staff productivity.

Workforce Planning

Professional Services

Executed a tailored workforce planning platform for a professional service firm, leveraging advanced resource allocation algorithms and cloud-based collaboration tools. Enhanced project management efficiency, enabling seamless resource matching and skill-based deployment. Achieved 25% reduction in project delivery time and 30% increase in client satisfaction.

Workforce Planning

Local Government

Implemented a robust workforce planning platform for a local government body, integrating data-driven insights and automated scheduling tools. Streamlined resource allocation across departments, leading to improved service delivery and efficient response to community needs. Realised a 20% reduction in administrative overheads and 15% increase in community satisfaction.

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