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Ricor Advisory Adapt/Ability Quadrant

Adapt/Ability Index

A diagnostic tool that analyses the factors that contribute to potential risks and create vulnerabilities within your organisational teams.

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Uncover what's holding you back

The Adapt/Ability Index is a diagnostic tool that analyses people’s willingness and capacity within organisational teams to identify how they can be more productive, resilient, and adaptable.

  • In this quadrant, you have both the willingness and the ability to take on or adapt to change. It’s the ideal position, as you’re motivated and equipped to succeed.

  • Here, there is willingness and motivation, but a lack of the necessary capability or resources to achieve results. It often highlights areas where development or support is needed to bridge the gap.

  • This quadrant represents situations where there is the capability or capacity to do something, but there is a lack of willingness or motivation to pursue it. It signifies missed opportunities or untapped potential.

  • In this quadrant, there is neither the willingness nor the ability to adapt. It signifies a clear mismatch between the requirement and the individual or organisation’s capacity and motivation.

Fast and cost-effective

Backed by decades of experience, there is no other comparable product on the market that can give you the rapid and comprehensive actionable insight delivered by the Adapt/Ability Index. It allows you to delve deeper into identified risks and concerns, inform strategic interventions, share findings with stakeholders to secure buy-in and support, and ultimately become an adaptable organisation.

>  One 45-minute shared experience.

>  Fast and easy to deploy.

>  Get the results within 48 hours.

>  Affordable, actionable insights.

>  Condense weeks of consultation into a 45-minute shared experience.

>  Assess the willingness and capacity of your organisation to achieve your goals.

>  Fast and easy to deploy.

>  Get the results within 48 hours.

>  Actionable insights at a price you can afford.

  • Understand the elements that create vulnerability across organisational roles and teams.

  • Systematically identify and address the factors hindering productivity across individual roles, teams, projects, systems, and structures.

  • Reveal elements inhibiting adaptability, and proactively address issues like resistance, collaboration gaps, unclear expectations, inefficiencies, and rigid structures that hinder your response to change.

Rivor Advisory Adapt/Ability Index brochure

Download our brochure to see how quickly the Adapt/Ability Index™ can help reveal hidden risks, productivity bottlenecks, and barriers to change.

Quickly see what's
holding you back

Project Snapshots

Workforce Planning


Implemented a comprehensive workforce planning platform for a healthcare organisation, integrating data analytics and AI-driven forecasting. Streamlined staff allocation, reduced overtime costs, and optimised scheduling. Enhanced patient care by ensuring adequate staffing levels. Realized 15% operational cost reduction and 20% increase in staff productivity.

Workforce Planning

Professional Services

Executed a tailored workforce planning platform for a professional service firm, leveraging advanced resource allocation algorithms and cloud-based collaboration tools. Enhanced project management efficiency, enabling seamless resource matching and skill-based deployment. Achieved 25% reduction in project delivery time and 30% increase in client satisfaction.

Workforce Planning

Local Government

Implemented a robust workforce planning platform for a local government body, integrating data-driven insights and automated scheduling tools. Streamlined resource allocation across departments, leading to improved service delivery and efficient response to community needs. Realised a 20% reduction in administrative overheads and 15% increase in community satisfaction.

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