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Our expertise empowers government to address complex challenges, implement effective policies, and deliver improved public services.

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Rivor offers a range of expert advisory services tailored to augment and support government.

  • Advising on long-term goals, vision, and strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Offering guidance on budgeting, revenue collection, expenditure monitoring, and overall financial sustainability.

  • Assisting in the development and enforcement of regulations to ensure legal compliance and ethical governance.

  • Developing metrics to assess the effectiveness of government programs and initiatives.

  • Advising on the adoption of technology to improve service delivery, enhance cybersecurity, and facilitate digital transformation.

  • Identifying and mitigating risks associated with government operations and decision-making.

  • Providing guidance on workforce planning, talent management, and organisational development.

  • Advising on the collection, analysis, and management of data to inform decision-making and improve services.

  • Providing analytical tools and workforce planning paltforms to enhance the skills and capabilities of government staff.

The government sector involves policy development and implementation, regulation, and compliance. It provides essential public services, manages infrastructure development, and plays a role in economic management. National defense and security, public finance, public engagement, and diplomacy are integral aspects. Governments also handle emergency management, data and information, legislative processes, human resource management, and adopt technology for innovation and efficiency. These structures and responsibilities vary across local, regional, and national levels.

Rivor plays a pivotal role in assisting every level of government by providing tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency, optimise resource allocation, and foster innovation. Through a comprehensive suite of advisory services, Rivor empowers governments to address complex challenges, implement effective policies, and ultimately deliver improved public services to their constituents.

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Project Snapshots

Performance Measurement


Engaged in evaluating the financial management reporting framework at both Executive and Divisional levels within the department. Conducted comprehensive assessments and provided strategic insights to optimize financial reporting procedures, fostering efficient decision-making and streamlined financial management at various hierarchical levels within the organisation.

Revenue Optimisation

Local Government

Conducted a comprehensive review of Council services to identify areas for revenue optimisation. Undertook a thorough analysis of 10 other councils, aiming to identify and implement best practices for improved efficiency and revenue enhancement. Provided valuable insights to guide the Council's strategic decisions and operational enhancements.

Financial Systems


Provided valuable support in implementing SAP to facilitate the adoption of a new resource management framework. The comprehensive scope involved Budgeting & Planning, Costing, Reporting, Cash Management, Procurement, Accounts Receivable, and Assets & Projects. The implementation included reengineering associated business processes to align with SAP's best practices, optimising operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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