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Rivor Advisory Admissions Advantage Roadmap diagram

Admissions Advantage Roadmap

Attract the best-performing students while maintaining fairness, standardisation of credit, and prior learning recognition.

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Rivor Advisory Admissions Advantage Roadmap diagram

Attract the best and brightest

Attracting the best and brightest minds entails not only identifying students with exceptional qualifications and potential for high performance but also streamlining the admissions process. 

  • We assess the existing admissions systems and course prerequisites to identify any shortcomings or misalignments with Tertiary Admission Centre expectations.

  • We help you identify the type of students you wish to attract, including their preferences, qualifications, and potential for high performance.

  • We identify discrepancies between your current admissions process and the requirements set by Tertiary Admission Centres, helping you align with the latest guideliness.

  • We explore opportunities for better integration with Tertiary Admission Centres, helping you adopt compatible technologies and systems to facilitate seamless data exchange.

Align, Integrate, Attract

Through meticulous analysis and cutting-edge tools, we identify any gaps and misalignments in your current systems. Our experts work closely with your team to implement strategic integration with Tertiary Admission Centres, ensuring smooth data exchange and a seamless admissions experience.

  • Tertiary Admission Centres are undergoing significant changes in their admissions procedures. We help you stay up-to-date with these changes to remain relevant and competitive in attracting top students.

  • To secure the best students for their courses, educational institutions need to be able to quickly and reliably identify high-performing students as soon as they become available.

  • Implementing standardised procedures for recognising prior learning ensures fairness in the admission process. It also helps in attracting the right students in the right areas to meet the institution’s course targets.

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Attract the best

Project Snapshots

Workforce Planning


Implemented a comprehensive workforce planning platform for a healthcare organisation, integrating data analytics and AI-driven forecasting. Streamlined staff allocation, reduced overtime costs, and optimised scheduling. Enhanced patient care by ensuring adequate staffing levels. Realized 15% operational cost reduction and 20% increase in staff productivity.

Workforce Planning

Professional Services

Executed a tailored workforce planning platform for a professional service firm, leveraging advanced resource allocation algorithms and cloud-based collaboration tools. Enhanced project management efficiency, enabling seamless resource matching and skill-based deployment. Achieved 25% reduction in project delivery time and 30% increase in client satisfaction.

Workforce Planning

Local Government

Implemented a robust workforce planning platform for a local government body, integrating data-driven insights and automated scheduling tools. Streamlined resource allocation across departments, leading to improved service delivery and efficient response to community needs. Realised a 20% reduction in administrative overheads and 15% increase in community satisfaction.

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