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Only people create value. Why?

McKinsey research tells us that 70% of strategies fail
to create value. They fail because people fail.
The reason people fail is because the organization does not recognize what
is required to support
their people.

Value creation and value may be part of the same process, but they’re not the same thing. Value creation is the application of human ingenuity and effort to produce something.


That’s why we say only people create value.
For example, money (value) may be received in exchange for a product or service, but the creation of that value was in how that product or service was generated and delivered.


Smart organizations recognize that critical difference.
By using their decision, digital and workforce architectures, organizations can support the creation of value.


Decision Architecture is the combination of decision-makers and delivery channels that are required to meet customer expectations.

Digital Architecture is how technology is used to leverage productivity and mitigate failure.

Workforce Architecture is the organization 
of workforce activities that support and guide performance.


RIVOR assists organizations to understand these architectures and leverages a range of Ability Tools  that help you recognize what is required to support your people to achieve success.


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Architecture Models






Get the visibility and understanding you need

Make technology work for you




Get the balance right

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We have extensive experience assisting organizations to transform and have worked across a variety of sectors
and industries.

Our clients are strongly purpose driven organizations and include coverage in areas such as:

• Health
• Disability
• Emergency
• Higher Education

• Environment

• Construction

• Banking

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We provide independent advice and support from experienced professionals and executives.
We also partner with a range of technology and business partners to assist our clients as appropriate.

We are supported by the global EPI-USE Group, with over 3,000 employees the Group has been providing business and technology related services to globally distributed organizations for more than 35 years, with clients in the USA, Europe, Africa and Australia. 

As a specialized and independent advisory firm within the Group, we have the flexibility to leverage the expertise and reach of the Group where required, to provide services to large and complex organizations across a variety of industries – providing advice and support focused on creating greater value for our clients.

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For more detailed information about our Architecture Models and Ability Tools, please visit the desktop version of our site

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RIVOR Advisory

+61 3 9013 1967

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Drew Davidson
Market Leader: Higher Education

Mobile: +61 0407 512 423

Quentin O’Grady
Workforce Architecture Leader

Mobile: +61 0407 819 127

Greg Hill
Technical Leader: Digital Architecture

Mobile: +61 0417 267 219

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