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Leverage our expertise

We take a collaborative approach to understanding your distinct challenges, goals, and aspirations and craft actionable strategies, implement innovative solutions, and deliver tangible results across a range of industries and sectors. 

We refine the processes, tools, and methodologies that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.


Rivor Advisory Productivity Architecture icon

We provide customised workforce solutions that enable individuals to work more efficiently and effectively.


Rivor Advisory Workforce Architecture icon

We help you leverage technology with state-of-the-art, personalised digital solutions that are fit for purpose.


Rivor Advisory Digital Architecture icon

We help you optimise your business support functions and seamlessly align them with service expectations.


Rivor Advisory Service Architecture icon

We have a deep understanding of the sector's dynamics and challenges, offering comprehensive solutions and advice to universities, colleges, and vocational schools. 

Higher Education

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We offer expert guidance to governments at all levels. With a deep understanding of public sector challenges, we provide strategic solutions and policy recommendations.


Rivor Advisory Government icon

We offer specialised guidance and tailored solutions to organisations and agencies committed to enhancing the well-being of individuals with mental health and disabilities.

Disability & Mental Health

Rivor Advisory Disability & Mental Health icon

Our seasoned team offers strategic guidance and innovative solutions to healthcare organisations and providers with a focus on improving healthcare delivery and outcomes.


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We offer tailored guidance and insights to enhance operational efficiency, navigate challenges, and foster sustainable growth for businesses.


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We provide strategic advisory services uniquely designed for the not-for-profit sector, offering expertise to empower organisations in achieving their philanthropic missions.


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Project Snapshots

Program Leadership

Financial Services

Collaborated with the organisation to design and implement a robust program management framework for the successful rollout of major tax reforms. This comprehensive approach encompassed strategic planning, risk management, quality assurance, budget oversight, and desired outcomes, ensuring seamless execution and effective management of the reforms.

Performance Measurement

Dairy Producer

We expertly facilitated the implementation of revamped Board and Executive Reporting packages, elevating information quality and efficiency. The concise packages, now spanning just 7 pages (previously 120), adeptly present crucial insights required by both the Executive and Board, streamlining decision-making processes. 

HR Shared Services

Health Fund

We collaborated with the organisation to craft an innovative shared service delivery model for HR support services. This transformative project involves a comprehensive reengineering of current practices, driving performance to surpass industry benchmarks, fostering operational excellence and elevating the organisation's HR support capabilities. 

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Utilise our Ability Tools

Identify strengths, address weaknesses, and help your people support the creation of value. Developed through years of practical experience, they pinpoint where you excel and highlight where you need to improve. 

Rivor Advisory Adapt/Ability Quadrant

A diagnostic tool that analyses the factors that contribute to potential risks and create vulnerabilities within your organisational teams.

Adapt/Ability Index

Rivor Advisory Admissions Advantage Roadmap Diagram

Attract the best performing students
while maintaining fairness and standardisation
of credit and prior learning recognition.

Advantage Roadmap

Rivor Advisory Academic Quality Model Diagram

A framework designed to help universities and tertiary institutions understand and improve the quality of their academic programs and student outcomes.

Academic Quality Model

Rivor Advisory Implementation Management Diagram

Streamlined technology implementation management solutions that ensure a successful go-live.

Implementation Management

Rivor Advisory Workforce Future Diagram

Transform your organisational workforce into a strategic asset with our cutting-edge, platform-based approach to workforce planning.

Workforce Edge

Rivor Advisory Work to Pay Diagram

A comprehensive approach that integrates workforce management and payroll processes, clearly connecting the tasks employees perform with the compensation they receive.

Work to Pay

A tried and tested framework for building and operating service-centric support functions.

Service Alignment

Rivor Advisory Independent Reporting Diagram

Trustworthy analysis by independent experts that paves the way to better decisions.

Independent Reporting

Abiility Tools

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  • A comprehensive approach that integrates workforce management and payroll processes, clearly connecting the tasks employees perform with the compensation they receive

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  • A workforce planning platform that transforms your organisation’s workforce into a strategic asset

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Project Snapshots

We make it work main image

We make it work

Empower your people to solve problems, create value, and deliver outcomes.

Shared Services Evaluation

Postal Authority

Played an active role in evaluating the Financial Management and Shared Services framework within an IT Services group, spearheading sub-projects to

streamline service operations and drive operational improvements. Leveraged strategic insights and industry best practices to optimise service delivery,

fostering enhanced operational efficiency and sustainable organisational growth.

Customer Relationship Management

Food Manufacturing

Aided the company in conducting a holistic review of their customer strategy, encompassing product rationalisation, customer assessment, and call centre operations development. Provided strategic support in enhancing customer service, streamlining operations, and refining the overall customer-centric approach to foster long-term business growth and improved service delivery.

Payroll Service Model


We successfully implemented a progressive Payroll delivery model in Shared Services, enhancing immediate delivery and supporting a new greenfield site. The strategic phased approach optimises efficiency, facilitates seamless integration, and empowers the organisation to achieve operational excellence and growth with a future-oriented vision.

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