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Focus your workforce activities on building, deploying and rewarding your people for the creation of value

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Get the balance right

Workforce Architecture consists of the workforce activities an organization invests in that, when combined, support their people to be more productive and create greater value.

However, in most situations, workforce architecture has become compliance-focused and frustrating to navigate. Rather than enhancing productivity or enabling the creation of greater value, the combined effect is to do the opposite. Rather than creating a stronger organization that is responsive to change, Workforce Architecture often exposes the organization to far greater risk by reinforcing a tendency to be silo-oriented and both unable and unwilling to change course.

The key to empowering people to create value is to appropriately balance workforce architecture between compliance and choice. RIVOR helps organizations achieve this balance by focusing workforce activities on ‘building’, ‘deploying’ and ‘rewarding’ people to create value through increased productivity, reduced costs and enhanced quality.


The lens of ‘building’ asks organizations to look at their workforce in terms of what is needed to help people develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to meet the organizations strategic objectives.

The lens of ‘deploying’ asks organizations to look at their workforce in terms of how to best organize their resources and people to meet the operational needs.


The lens of ‘rewarding’ asks organizations to look at their workforce in terms of how to best incentivize their performance to ensure that organizational outcomes are achieved.

By applying these lenses, RIVOR helps organizations to reorganize their workforce activities and achieve a balance between compliance and choice that supports their people to create value.

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Reorganize your workforce activities




Adaptability & Change
Authority Framework
Build Analytics
Careers & Succession Planning
Content Management
Goal Management
Leadership Development
Learning Management
On/Off Boarding
Organization Design
Performance Reviews
Span of Control
Strategic Alignment
Talent Development
Workforce Planning


Absence Management
Compliance Management
Deploy Analytics
EH&S Management
Employee Relations
Time Keeping
Time Management
Workforce Scheduling


Benefits Administration
Career Growth
Compensation Benchmarks
Compensation Framework
Employee Benefits
Long Term Incentive
Payroll Processing
Reward Analytics
Short Term Incentive
Statutory Compliance


Focus on supporting your people


Build – What do we need?

Deploy – Where do we need it?

Reward – How do we reward it?

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