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Ensure your technology is understood and relevant to facilitating the value
you intended

Make technology work for you

Too many organizations believe that technology alone is a cure for whatever ails them. Unfortunately, technology is only as good as the strategy that informs it, the business case that justifies it, and the governance structure that controls it.

Technology often fails to facilitate the value it promised because these things are not understood. The consequences of that failure are hugely expensive and disruptive, but the risk of failure can be mitigated by looking beyond the technology itself and focusing on understanding how it will be used by your people.

RIVOR assists organizations to obtain that people-focus and mitigate the risk of failure. We help you understand the key steps, variations, exceptions and interdependencies that are needed for your technologies to work and put them into a digital roadmap that will guide your implementation.


We identify the strategic intent that the technology is supposed to achieve and help develop the business case that justifies the significant investment technology demands.

If you’re unsure of the technology solution you require, we can assist in identifying the solution that will best facilitate the creation of value.


Critically, we help make sure that any implementation of technology is consistent with your objectives and appropriately governed.

RIVOR offers a people-focused, independent approach to ensuring that your technology is both understood and relevant to facilitating the value you intended. We make technology work for you, not the other way around.

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Learn how to leverage your investment


Develop a clear strategic intent

Create a justifiable business case

Design a digital roadmap

Establish robust goverance

Mitigate the risk of failure


Maintain relevance

Increase productivity

Protect your investment

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