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Align decision-making to improve customer focus, clarify communication and encourage co-operation

Get the visibility & understanding
you need

Customer expectations in the digital world are evolving faster than ever before, and businesses are increasingly reliant on getting people to cooperate – both internally and externally – in order to meet them.

Almost all businesses now come together in complex delivery channels involving multiple entities where information, expertise, products, services and responsibilities are shared in order to meet the market.


Once the norm, truly self-sufficient businesses are now rare and vertical integration has become an increasingly risky strategy. Business needs to adopt an adaptable, co-operative model if it wants to compete and remain relevant.

The success of cooperative models that connect multiple business entities together as a single virtual organization depends on people and the decisions they make. They require high degrees of visibility, flexibility and clear lines of responsibility and communication.


Unfortunately, most organizations don’t facilitate this. Their people are crippled by a culture of isolation, silo’s and non-communication. Organizations are, by design, rigid and inflexible. They don’t allow their people to challenge the status quo, actively look to create greater value, or experiment with new ideas and initiatives.

RIVOR empowers your people by changing this.

We give you the visibility and understanding 
you need to meet customer expectations by helping you:
• Profile your customer’s expectations
• Map the delivery channel journey
• Chart the decision-makers


Then, we assist you to align everything to improve customer focus, encourage cooperation and clarify responsibilities, accountabilities and communication.


Profile, map & chart the
Decision Architecture


Customer expectations

Decision makers

Delivery channels

Align with customer expectations


Improve customer focus

Encourage cooperation

Create clearer communication

Know who's accountable

Know who's responsible

Measure the outcome

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