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Employee Experience Management (EXM) Platform

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Managing the employee experience
in a dynamic environment

An Employee Experience Management platform that connects & communicates with your people.

This is a particularly dynamic time for organizations and their people.
The impact of COVID-19 is limiting resources, creating compensation concerns, challenging long-term job
security and reducing head counts. At the same time the market is becoming more competitive while regulatory bodies are becoming more watchful.
Employees are more diverse, more expensive, more vocal and more valuable than ever before.

Now, more than ever, we need to manage the employee experience to ensure that communication is clear,
interactions are controlled and queries are promptly answered.

Doing so effectively, requires that we manage employee relations with the same care we manage customer

RIVOR offers a sophisticated solution with our Employee Experience Management platform.
The Employee Experience Management platform is designed to bypass the organizational silo’s and poor visibility that so often fragment communication
and create confusion in these dynamic times.

The technology equips your organization with a reliable, centrally managed support center that automates workflows and ensures that all employee communication and interaction is recorded.
It gives you the control you need to take charge of your communication and mitigate your risks. It gives you the
means to make employee experiences akin to customer experiences.

Your EEM platform includes dedicated resources, support and expertise so you can:
• Integrate with multiple channels
• Track KPI’s & SLA’s
• Identify issues & themes
• Manage responses
• Prioritize workflow
• Have a complete & accurate record of each employee experience
• Have auditable reports that demonstrate you have made good on your commitments
• Access dashboard reporting and customization tools that protect both your employees and your organization

Completely scalable, this is an end-to-end solution that will underpin higher employee satisfaction and transform
how you handle employee relations.

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