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Service Hub

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Drive down costs, facilitate collaboration, and improve your employee experience

Establishing a successful support service relies on bringing critical elements together within a robust service framework

Service Hub provides a tried and tested framework for building and operating service-centric support functions. The framework dramatically improves the employee experience by creating a robust service model that leverages best practice and continually evolves to reflect innovations in service delivery.


Drawing on our 25 years of experience in designing, building, and operating service models, shared services, and outsourced services for our clients, Service Hub incorporates the following elements:


Governance: the vision, objectives and guiding principles of the service business as well as the value proposition that will convince a buyer within the organization to consume the services offered.


Services: service activities and how they will be delivered; service catalogue, deliverables, scope, service levels, and responsibilities. 


Structure: align the structure of the service team to the service model, recognising how the team must integrate with the “core” organization.


Capability: define the skillsets required for each service activity and assemble the right mix of internal / external resources to perform them.


Compliance: define the compliance framework (controls and policies) that must be in place to meet external quality, security and audit certification requirements.


Process: define the processes needed to anticipate and fulfil customer expectations.


Technology: define the tools and technology needed to anticipate and fulfil customer expectations.


• Business Purpose 

• Value Proposition

• Guiding Principles

• Joint Operating Committee 



• Performance outcomes

• Service Contract & Catalogue

• Service Level Agreement & KPIs

• Rise & Fall Price Structure 

• Customer Service Query & Resolution


Structure & Capability

• Structure & Roles 

• Skills & Training

• Joint RACI linked to processes


Processes & Compliance

• Delivery Methodology/Process Maps

• Policies & Procedures 

• Work Instructions 

• Controls Architecture

• Quality Assurance Accreditation



• Applications & Security

• Business Continuity 

• Mobility & Connectivity 

• Integrations

• Data Ownership

• Business Intelligence

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