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Delivery Control

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Aligning and controlling
your delivery channels

The fact is you can't control
what you can't see

In the increasingly interconnected and interdependent world in which we live, organizations must work together in order to meet their customer’s expectations.


Consequently, every organization is delivering on those expectations through a complex combination of internal and external channels and relationships.

Modern organizations simply cannot meet customer  expectations without alignment and management of these channels.

RIVOR’s approach to Delivery Control offers an easy way for all the interdependent channels and organizations to communicate with each other allowing you to see them in real time. That gives you the control points you need to manage your response and provide quality experiences. 

Dedicated resources & expertise

  • Align multiple channels & relationships needed to meet customer expectations

  • Eliminate unhelpful silos

  • Achieve greater visibility & transparency

  • Manage customer expectations better

  • Facilitate information flows

  • Integrate with multiple channels

  • Track KPI’s & SLA’s

  • Manage risk with RACI across channels

  • Identify issues & themes

  • Omni-channel capability & operational integration

  • Align channel operations with brand promise

An end-to-end solution

  • Completely scalable

  • Informed by our extensive experience in
    omni-channel coordination

  • Dashboard reporting and advanced visualization tools that let you see what is working well and what needs improving

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