Create a decision-making model that facilitates collaboration.

Focus on supporting the ability of your people to collaborate and make better decisions.

Organisations don’t collaborate, people do. For any given outcome, the decisions needed to deliver that outcome are likely to be shared across a variety of people and disciplines. Making the right decision requires those people and disciplines to share information, ideas and expertise. Unfortunately, most organisations don’t facilitate this. The culture is one of isolation, silo’s and non-communication. Rivor assist you to develop a structure that encourages your key people and disciplines to collaborate so you gain the ability to respond much more quickly to changing market conditions.

By modelling the decision-making and identifying the internal and external pivotal roles, we can unlock the power of collaboration and identify the inertia, resistance and constraints that stop people working together to solve problems and deliver better outcomes


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Create a decision-making model that facilitates collaboration and become a collaborative organisation.

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