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Independent Outsourced Reporting

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Clearly defined business outcomes aligned with decision-maker accountabilities and independent
insights that pave the way to better decisions

Conventional reporting has
become more for the regulators
than the business itself.

Over time, businesses have come to realize that conventional reporting is too complex, lacks relevance and isn’t enabling sufficient communication
between businesses, stakeholders and investors.

The reporting that businesses used to rely upon to guide their value creation and growth has evolved to be more for the regulators than the business itself. As a result, the information decision-makers rely on to make their decisions about current and future value creation has become fragmented, inaccessible and unclear.
Independent Outsourced Reporting brings information together to present a bigger picture of the value created by your people
A RIVOR Independent Outsourced Reporting solution strips away the complexity and irrelevance that plagues conventional reporting to provide the bigger picture CEO’s and Boards desperately need.
We deliver relevance by working with you to clearly define the business outcomes you’re looking for and align them with key accountabilities to determine the information required for decision-making.
We integrate that information from multiple sources, systems and formats into an easy-to-read summary that
enables fluent decision-making. We make that information readily available and combine it with our own independent assessments and advice to give your executive and Board accurate and timely insights that you can have complete confidence in.

Independent Outsourced Reporting changes the picture and the scale of decision making information
The RIVOR approach to Independent Outsourced Reporting not only assists in communicating the plan and future of the business but also acts as a medium of value creation for everyone associated with the business.
Instead of reporting on financial and sustainability performance separately, Independent Outsourced Reporting can show the way the company is integrating environmental and social thinking into its business.
It goes beyond financial, employee, environmental and social data. It  also showcases the bigger risks and opportunities the company can integrate into its long-term strategies and risk management, operational policies and processes.

The RIVOR solution brings together the information that so often remains siloed and presents a bigger picture of
value created through the organization.
More importantly, it does so transparently, quickly and meaningfully, providing reports that are tailored directly to the decision-makers needs and accessible through
a variety of formats and devices.

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