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Client-side Support

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Ensure your implementation is on time,
on budget and on target

Supporting implementation delivery with clear guidance, smart design, independent expertise and robust governance

Studies by McKinsey, HBR and others consistently show how challenging it is to establish a viable program management approach. Even for large, well-established organizations the deployment of IT projects is often more costly and difficult than anticipated. More than 70% of large-scale transformation initiatives fail.

Too often, we find that such initiatives are focused almost entirely on the technology part of the equation, ignoring the vital importance of people in applying and effectively utilizing the proposed solution. This can be further exacerbated by the strong, often unconscious, bias of many technology providers to push hard on deploying the ‘black box’ as quickly as possible - regardless of the organizational readiness to absorb the associated process and cultural changes required for success.

RIVOR understands that most clients don’t have the required program implementation expertise in-house, nor do they want to hire that capability permanently for
a program that will have a limited life-span. We provide independent, specialist, client-side implementation support to assist you to drive, align, govern, and challenge the complex ‘partnership’ of vendor and internal resources, stakeholders and cultural pressures to ensure a successful program outcome for you and your people. 

Robust governance

  • Transparency of project status & issues

  • Coordinated (internal & external) speed
    of decision-making

  • Alignment with organizational governance

Smart design

  • Management of project activities throughout
    the lifecycle

  • Coordination, direction and clarity of accountabilities

  • Sustainable mix of internal & external resources

  • Ability to draw on external networks & learnings to resolve problems

Clear guidance

  • Well-defined business case & risk assessment

  • Clarity of project scope, schedule & key milestones

  • Robust vendor contracts with clear responsibilities

  • Alignment of major stakeholders

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