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Adaptability Strategy

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Make sure your key decision-makers are ready
to implement your strategic plans

There are many reasons why strategies fail, but all of them involve people and all of them involve a lack of adaptability.

Things are always changing. If you want to stay relevant, or even survive, you must be ready to adapt.

But organizations don’t adapt; people do. Organizations don’t change; people do. How do we make sure that our people are ready to adapt in an unprecedented
era of risk and instability?


An excellent starting point is a good strategy. However, your Corporate Strategy is only the starting point. Organizations have to be able to deliver on their intent, and the fact is most organizations are not good at this. Research demonstrates that 70% of strategic initiatives fail, and they fail because people fail.

Strategy involves change and adapting to a different way of operating, but change is difficult. Both people and organizations resist it.
No matter how inspiring your strategic vision, how fantastic your products or service or technology, you will come up against barriers to your implementation.


Barriers to adaptability
• People not knowing where to start
• People who feel the goals are unrealistic
• Unclear accountabilities and responsibilities
• Unidentified structural changes that are required
• Poor communication
• Lack of empowerment or authority
• Lack of clarity on actions required
• Inadequate monitoring and reporting
• Lack of alignment & commitment


These barriers can be overcome, but only if you recognize the critical role played by your key decision-makers, and you ensure those decision-makers have the willingness and capacity to succeed.
An Adaptability Strategy addresses the real issues that, if left unchecked, lead to failure. It provides a program for building the willingness and capacity of your key decision-makers so they can:


• Quickly read and act on market signals
• Experiment to develop and test new ideas
• Manage complex multi-organization relationships and harness them to create more value
• Encourage knowledge flow, diversity, autonomy,

risk-taking, sharing and flexibility
• Thrive in an era of risk and instability


Your Corporate Strategy is an important starting point. Your Change Management Plan provides a critical engagement guide. But neither will work if your people aren’t ready and your people will never be ready if your key decision-makers don’t have the willingness and capacity to help you succeed.

You need an Adaptability Strategy.

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