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Adaptability Diagnostic

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The measure of an organization’s strength is its adaptability, and the only way to build an adaptable organization is through adaptable people.
The organizations that thrive are those whose people can quickly adapt  to a rapidly changing environment and remain relevant to their market.

Our Adaptability Diagnostic evaluates whether the conditions for adaptability exist in your organization.

Our Adaptability Diagnostic is based on your people’s answers to a series of questions testing the adaptability of their working environment. During analysis, these questions are categorized into areas of focus that are critical to achieving adaptability.

Our diagnostic includes an Ability Grade™ and assist you to identify whether you have what it takes to change direction, mitigate your risk of failure and maximize your chances of success.

Our diagnostic does not seek to provide solutions, but rather is the first step in assessing the ability of your people and your organization to adjust to market conditions. It is also a diagnostic that can be used to help guide and shape targeted interventions within major change programs.

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Take the test

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