Build the willingness and capacity of your
key people to make better decisions.


Focus on enhancing the ability of your people to adapt their decision-making to changing conditions.

For every outcome, there is a unique decision-making model and a group of pivotal roles both inside and outside your organisation. To achieve your outcome, the people in those pivotal roles must be willing and able to do what is necessary. Do they have that willingness? If so, under what conditions? Do they have that capacity? If so, under what circumstances. RIVOR tests both by challenging the thinking and skillsets of the decision-makers in those pivotal roles. We tell you if their attitudes are conducive to producing a successful outcome, if the organisation is committed to supporting a successful outcome, what can be done to improve the chances of success, and where the chance of failure lies.

RIVOR can help you analyse the willingness and capacity of your key people to make the right decisions and tell you what you need to do to get the right outcome.


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