For more than 20 years, our organisation has been helping organisations improve their performance, manage their risk and implement more competitive business models.

At RIVOR, we see things differently. Our approach to organisational challenges is to put people at the centre of value creation and focus on making that value creation measurable and predictable. We identify, measure and test the ability of your people, rather than your systems, to get the job done. We tell you what it takes to make your project, strategy or transformation successful.

Our philosophy is to put people first. There is a consistent body of research proving that people are critical to the successful implementation of any project, strategy or transformation. Unfortunately, most organisations ignore this fact. Organisations are, by design, rigid and inflexible. Their controls only consider compliance needs and their standards only aim for efficiency. They don’t allow their people to challenge the status quo, actively look to create greater value, or experiment with new ideas and initiatives. Systems and processes have priority and when challenged the typical organisational response is to place even greater emphasis on those systems and processes.

As a member of the global GroupElephant family of companies, RIVOR is involved in supporting organisations just like yours in more than 100 countries throughout the America’s, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Africa.