We’re in the business of failure


Up to 70% of projects, strategies and transformations fail. They fail because traditional organisational thinking, processes and systems ignore the critical contribution that people and their decisions make to a successful outcome. Eliminating failure requires a solution that puts people and decision-making first. At RIVOR, we analyse the willingness and capacity of your people to adapt their decision-making in a rapidly changing environment. We identify the inertia, resistance and constraints that prevent people from collaborating effectively to make good decisions. We help create environments that protect the integrity of your decision-making and the integrity of your people.

For more than 20 years, we have been helping organisations harness the power of their people to improve performance, manage risk and implement more competitive business models.

As a member of the global GroupElephant family of companies, RIVOR is involved in supporting organisations just like yours in more than 100 countries throughout the Americas, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Africa.

At RIVOR, we see things differently. We see people and the decisions they make as the difference between success and failure. Our approach to organisational challenges is to put people and decision making first.

There is a consistent body of research demonstrating that people are critical to the successful implementation of any project, strategy or transformation. Unfortunately, most organisations ignore this fact. Organisations are, by design, rigid and inflexible. Their controls only consider compliance needs and their standards only aim for efficiency. They don’t allow their people to challenge the status quo, actively look to create greater value, or experiment with new ideas and initiatives. Systems and processes have priority and, when challenged, the typical organisational response is to place even greater emphasis on those systems and processes while ignoring the people.

Our programs do the opposite. We work to empower your people to make better decisions that will result in an adaptable, collaborative and accountable organisation that is better positioned to succeed.