Protecting the continuity of payroll


If there is one function that in your business that must always be in continuous operation, and do so without ever failing, it is payroll.

Payroll is the life blood of an organisation. Whether it be every week, every fortnight or every month payroll must continue to flow. If it stops, everything and everyone stops with it. However, despite its undisputed importance to the workforce, payroll is often viewed by management as an administrative task, a bureaucratic burden and a function that adds no value to the organisation.

The truth could not be more different. The success of the payroll process has a direct effect on the success of the organisation. Such is its impact on employee satisfaction that any payroll failure will invariably have a greater or lesser effect on productivity and performance. Let’s face it, the one non-negotiable your people will have is getting paid for what they do. If that doesn’t happen, they either stop working or the distraction means that they don’t work as well or as hard. It is simple really and that is why every organisation should have safeguards in place to protect the continuity and the accuracy of their payroll function.

There are, of course, legitimate reasons for payroll being interrupted. Resources can be diverted to assist with other projects, or key staff might leave the business with a resultant loss of payroll knowledge. The problem is that your workforce won’t care about your reasons. All they care about is getting paid. Therefore, it is the responsibility of management to ensure that there is no disruption to the payroll service.

The best way to do that is to have skilled professionals on standby, ready to take over the payroll function whenever they are needed. Interim payroll services are now available where seasoned payroll specialists can step in to confidently and competently maintain continuity.

The best part about interim services is that they don’t just take ownership of the role but the entire function and that means you can have peace of mind where it counts – in the life blood of your organisation.

Our interim payroll services team has the skill and experience to help maintain the continuity and integrity of your payroll in any circumstance. At rivor, we have the capability and the capacity to connect your workforce, human resources and payroll systems to create value across your organisation.