rivor to boost training and development program

At rivor, a vital part of our work is making sure that the quality management system of our clients payroll is delivering. In order to do that we also have to make sure that our own quality management system is delivering and a big part of that is ensuring that our training and development is not only up-to-date but also evolving to take in to account future needs. That is why, as part of our ISO 9001 certification, our own unique training and development program is being reviewed and relaunched.

The training and development program we have at rivor is not only testament to the physical and financial investment we make in our people but it also underpins the career pathway we offer to our team. The program covers the core technical payroll skills that we expect of everyone at rivor as well as the broader skills such as customer service, teamwork, and staff management that define the rivor experience.

Just as we want to help our clients become an Employer of Choice, we also want rivor to be an Employer of Choice and our structured training and development program backed by dedicated global resources is a key part of that goal. Together with the 'Team Cohesion' and 'Sense of Belonging' initiatives that we have employed, the training and development program has already helped us to hang on to our best staff and make employee turnover a thing of the past. By revisiting what is already a successful program and making it better we believe that staff retention will continue to be something that both we and our clients benefit from.