EPI-USE Cloud Platform delivers compelling option for clients

rivor's sister company, EPI-USE Labs, has established an alliance with Dimension Data that will allow us to offer services to migrate, host, and manage SAP applications and related infrastructures at a very competitive price.

Dimension Data is a global leader in the provision and management of specialist IT infrastructure solutions and services, whilst EPI-USE Labs is the world’s largest, independent SAP HCM specialist and developer of software services and products specifically aimed at enhancing and extracting maximum performance from SAP systems.

Under the alliance deal, Dimension Data will focus on the provision of infrastructure through its Computing as a Service (CaaS) offering and SAP functional services. EPI-USE Labs, on the other hand, will provide SAP Application Lifecycle Management services through a combination of its proprietary software and services.

By harnessing their combined resources, they will supply a public cloud SAP platform “stack” called the EPI-USE Cloud Platform (ECP).

At rivor, we think that the EPI-USE Cloud Platform will be a compelling option for clients seeking world class technology to support data security and business continuity for two reasons:

  • Dimension Data’s continual investment in its global Infrastructure as a Service platform (“MCP CaaS ”), and SAP functional services creating economies of scale.
  •  EPI-USE Labs' continual investment in building intellectual property, services, and software around SAP landscape management, technical services, automation, and self service capability that results in reducing the total cost of ownership.

The above-mentioned offerings are merely the beginning and we believe that in the course of time there will be considerable opportunity to mobilize the many additional products and services available through both companies and enhance the partnership even further.